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  1. Bump still not fixed believe it or not lmao Bump still not fixed believe it or not lmao
  2. Same thing here, same with the older version upgraded and still not fixed.
  3. I made the choice to upgrade to the new model but kind of regretting my decision. For whatever reason I upgraded to the new model thinking the recon feature will be fixed but realizing it must be something im doing wrong. I'm now expected to ship this off by next week for an engagement using C2 and I still cant get the C2 recon feature to work, everything else works just fine including SSH. Please help me fix this so I dont have to try and make an alternative or something.. Please help me address this issue. I am using the new pineapple Mk.Vii on version 1.0.1 and C
  4. Thank you for the reply, I will definitely have a look at running the tetra 2.7 with updated C2. I'll be honest though, it is rather alarming that they are so quick to hype it up and sell it to their fans when it is not ready yet. Especially weird cause they are releasing an enterprise edition that my company would laugh at if they saw someone using it in the field.. lol Can I ask if you have any favorite modules you swear by or what your favorite thing to do with the pineapple is? I avoid using it for any kind of engagements because of the luck I've had using it but definitely tempted to
  5. Thank you for replying Darren. I will try this out before considering upgrading to the new pineapple. I cannot post my settings as I have since wiped the pineapple and just sitting in its box in storage room.
  6. I like Hak5, I really do. I ordered the Rubber Ducky 10 kit and loved it, ordered the Elite kit and loved it. The only problem? I cannot justify 'upgrading' the WIFI pineapple as it just seems completely useless. I've had better luck using a WIFI adapter and Linux install in favor of the pineapple in the elite field kit for my engagements as I absolutely cannot rely on the pineapple. I've only ever read terrible things about them and they just seem like kind of a novelty and a fun conversation piece.. Besides being interesting to play around with it has never actually functione
  7. Loot is not being collected automatically, recon doesn't work, probes doesn't work, and neither does clients.
  8. When I start recon from the Cloud C2 dashboard it starts blinking red LED and wont stop blinking even after I stop recon, and will not populate with scan results on cloud page.
  9. Ran 3 scans, one of them I even let run for 45 minutes before giving up.
  10. Just setup the Pineapple Tetra with Cloud C2 and the recon module does not work at all. I have tried factory restore, different methods of sharing internet, setting up on windows and linux, wired vs wireless connection to internet, does not work what so ever. Running Cloud C2 2.2.0 Pro Edition, and Pineapple Tetra is running firmware version 2.7.0 I can get it to connect and show up on my Dashboard but the recon module will not work no matter what I try, but if i connect to the pineapple and goto the pineapples web server control panel it works just fine...
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