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  1. Loot is not being collected automatically, recon doesn't work, probes doesn't work, and neither does clients.
  2. When I start recon from the Cloud C2 dashboard it starts blinking red LED and wont stop blinking even after I stop recon, and will not populate with scan results on cloud page.
  3. Ran 3 scans, one of them I even let run for 45 minutes before giving up.
  4. Just setup the Pineapple Tetra with Cloud C2 and the recon module does not work at all. I have tried factory restore, different methods of sharing internet, setting up on windows and linux, wired vs wireless connection to internet, does not work what so ever. Running Cloud C2 2.2.0 Pro Edition, and Pineapple Tetra is running firmware version 2.7.0 I can get it to connect and show up on my Dashboard but the recon module will not work no matter what I try, but if i connect to the pineapple and goto the pineapples web server control panel it works just fine...
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