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  1. I did try on different pc, macs and linux. nothing works. I guess transfering firmware from *.tar.gz to *.tar make a disaster! Have to order new one!
  2. Thanks man for the effort to help me. but today I'm going to test "try a different keyboard try on different pc or mac or linux"
  3. Quick question: from the documentation page, how do we know what the partition has not been damaged? Technical note: This process will replace the primary boot partition with a copy of firmware version 1.0 kept on a backup partition. If the backup partition has been damaged, this process will fail.
  4. so what you are saying is after a factory reset you can not use your keyboard with the croc or get into arming mode? Yes. Both. When plugged the keyboard not detected as well push the button back of the croc too. I did few factory reset..and nothing happen..any chances of surviving this key croc? Huuuu... regards.
  5. Hi, I think I made a mistake. I didn't notice that on mac laptop if you download kc_fw_1.3_510.tar.gz automatically extract to kc_fw_1.3_510.tar . I copied and paste to the ket croc and hope it works. Suddenly after the process going on, it seems to be that the light is looping and hair wire. I did follow the reset factory based on the documentation and try to access the device. Nothing show up. Please help me how to bring back keycroc again.. Thanks.
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