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  1. I know obfuscation isn't secure, along with everyone else in InfoSec. I think you misunderstood my post. It's about increasing the chance of the device being able to phone back home to the C2 server for SSH. I'd rather just use the ssh console in the C2 server since it's a feature, so why not use it? Most organizations aren't going to allow tcp/2022 outbound, so making the outbound SSH connection from say a lan-turtle that's on-prem using tcp/2022 to the C2 server has a very high likelihood of being blocked. If I can change the ssh listen port on the C2 server to say 443, I'm going to have a m
  2. Is it possible to change the https port the C2 server listens on? I only see the option for the http port (-listenport). I wanted to use tcp/443 for the ssh port since most layer 4 firewalls will allow tcp/443 out and not tcp/2022.
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