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  1. are those Dx related to SID? https://linux-sunxi.org/SID_Register_Guide
  2. I would like to get at least an answer. Even if negative one. Then I can drop the C2 from my engagements and rollback to other solutions.
  3. Hi, I have started playing around with the C2 infra and I am planning to use it within my company for some internal engagements. Though, as part of risk policies, before deploying offensive tools I need to be sure there are no 3rd party backdoors. Therefore I wonder if the sources are available anywhere, before I start doing RE of both server and client side. Example: - cc-client - C2EXFIL - C2NOTIFY Cheers
  4. Hi, I was wondering if you could share the values of the TestPoints on the PCB that are not marked. I wonder if (besides JTAG and UART) there are exposed also Ethernet testpoints.... And also what are those DX TPs? GPIOs?
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