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  1. There's a few ideas that I'm mulling over. First: I think this could be relatively possible with a Raspberry Pi Zero W. If i connected it directly to a power source on the motherboard, it could boot up when the power gets turned on, and be programmed to email out whatever data it can find. There's already some pretty decent code written that is set up to do just that. The problem I'm currently running into is what you mentioned, getting it to interface with the wifi. It can't work if it doesn't know the login info, and in order to do that after a wipe, and the laptop being put on a new net work, it would have to be able to talk through the new network. I haven't been able to figure out how to do that yet. A second idea was removing a USB port and putting in a 3D non-removable cover and soldering a Ducky to the ports inside, programming it to wait a certain amount of time after receiving power (in order to wait for boot, login, and connecting to wifi) and have it execute a command to copy data and send out an email. An email could be sent out pretty covertly using commands in powershell, as seen here: https://www.howtogeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Sample.txt Any help or ideas would be appreciated.
  2. So after having a laptop stolen, and finding really no help to recover it, I had to come up with an idea of my own, or maybe it exists, and I don't know. I want to exploit my own laptop by soldering a USB to the motherboard. This USB, once the computer is turned on and logged into, and detects a network, will do one, or all of three things: 1) Will drop a specific remote access file matching one that is pre-saved in a cloud server, allowing the original owner to remotely access their stolen computer. This file will be dropped every single time on startup, and if the file already exists, will write over the existing one, instead of dropping a new one. 2) Email the owner the IP address of the computer when internet is detected. 3) Email the owner GPS coordinates if available. This would be extremely discreet, and, except the motherboard in which it's soldered to, even if the hard drive was swapped out, or the BIOS or OS was wiped and reinstalled, the drive itself would be present, and persistent, allowing the device to be recovered, remotely wiped, etc. at any given time. An added Idea I was given, was to have this soldered USB contain personal information, and proof of purchase, so the rightful owner can't be contested. Would anyone want to help make this possible? I feel I'm in the right place for this, and I also feel that this would be a product that a LOT of people would really want.
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