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  1. I did it get it to work consistently. I used 128g formatted with FAT32 FORMAT. After formatting, it takes about 10 minutes for pineapple to recognized SD card. The first SD load dump all your modules then reset. When pineapple reboots, it will take 5 minutes or more depending on how many modules and size of SD. When pineapple gets hot it my load even slower but don't recommend using once it heats up anyway.
  2. Any HELP!!! I used tar file (WinSCP) to copy SSLsplitNG and PUTTY to install in pineapple (NANO) on SD and all appears well. I can't seem to get any of dependency to load via the Pineapple. I get the choice to Install but just spins. I have internet and all looks good. Are there commands (PUTTY) I can put in to load dependency, ie "opkg install musl-fts -d sd" Any help appreciated.... thanks
  3. Just a heads up. The SD mounting is hit and miss. I started from scratch. I used a new 32gb sd card formatted with "SD Card Formatter". Format was perfect. I inserted SD and hit reboot. Reboot did not mount. I used Shutdown; it worked. The SD mounted perfect. I installed modules to SD and dependencies via the Pinneapple. Once all done, I hit reboot but the modules I injected in Putty did not appear to take hold. I hit shutdown; it worked. I though GREAT!!!. I ran all the modules and testing it worked perfect. THEN MORNING CAME. SD fails to mount on reboot or Shutdown. I figure it MAY appear at some point between a Shutdown but no say why? ??. ANY IDEAS or is this a Firmware issue????
  4. nicknog<>>> does the sd card need to be less than 32gb to work with 2.7.0? I am having a time dealing with the sd card working continually. I had a 32gb mounted and loaded with modules. When I rebooted the system, the sd card failed to mount. Any ID???/
  5. I was all good. I had SD mounted and modules loaded. After first reboot, SD is gone again.
  6. ok, crazy but I am having the same exact issues as Khan1988. I mean the EXACT and resetting firmware does not work. No SD access but the ssh tunnel worked.
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