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  1. Hey there, So, I am a fairly experienced “basic” mac user who has either become a paranoid schizophrenic or was likely “hacked/remotely accessed” at random by what I am guessing was someone with a WiFi pinneaple. The biggest evidence I have of being “hacked” was an odd behavior on google’s home page and it’s ”Omni” search box. One day, I noticed that the google home page Omni box that reacts to typed text would show my search history and also a “secondary” search history that seemed to be very related to hacking. Terms such as Kali Linux, Peel smart remote hack, wpa supplicant, etc would show up as I typed in letters. Beneath these terms, common google searches would show up (ie if I typed a, “be” Beyoncé would should up in the Omni box”), but this would only show if I had never googled anything with “be” in it and the “hacker” had never googled anything with “be” in it. Also, weird personal search terms involving my personal life that I would never have search showed up. Trying to be a bit vague here for the purpose of security, although that maybe shot at this point. I also noticed some odd “scripts” in the iOS app “shortcuts“ that I had never downloaded or wrote myself. One involved sharing airdrop files over the cloudapp (which I don’t use or have an account for) and another was a complex SSH script that connected to an iOS app called pythonista which I have never even downloaded or purchased. When I try to upload screenshots to this post, it fails for some reason. Hopefully I can upload screenshots in additional replies if it is needed. I have really struggled to find anyone who can provide any help with these issues. My issues seem to be above the geek squad and local Mac repair shops. If anyone has any understanding of what maybe going on and is willing to help I would really appreciate it. I would be willing to pay for help if someone has a verified company that deals with these type of issues. Thanks,
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