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  1. I agree! I am really waiting on USB support so I can work on 5ghz. I don't understand why this doesn't seem to be a higher priority with Hak5.
  2. I really wish Hak5 would add an option to sort by vender or at least show vender on the search results. I know I can roll over, but it would be a lot easier and faster to be able to just see the devices out there.
  3. A really simple feature I'd like to see that would help with engagements is to be able to display next to the mac address the device manufacturer info as well as to sort by manufacturer info. Seems like something you all could make happen with little effort, right?
  4. There may be a way to do this, but it would be cool if you could connect the Mark VII to an older pineapple so that it can utilize the hardware on that unit. Is this possible? Also, I have yet to be able to log in via my iphone. No problem on the desktop, but when I go to the login address it shows up but does not allow me to input my user name and pw. I've tried default and the request a desktop version of this site via Safari, Chrome and Firefox without luck.
  5. Just got mine today and right out of the box I am really impressed. It just works. I purchased the tetra earlier this year and was a little more than disappointed as it felt outdated and struggled to do basic things like deauthorize and capture handshakes. The Mark VII is doing all of that with ease and the new interface is awesome! I look forward to seeing more modules and support in the coming months and definitely will be picking up the enterprise edition later this year! Nice job Hak5 team!!!
  6. I’m curious about what’s on the horizons for Hak5 and the community with regard to the next gen of Wifi Pineapple? Having recently bought the tetra I am overall impressed but also a little disappointed with how many of the modules seem to be in need of updates / improvements. I understand modules are maintained by the community, but (and correct me if I’m wrong) it seems the community is sorta stale with regard to pushing the progress / abilities of the pineapple. Hak5’s recent firmware update is encouraging, but I’d like to know what’s on the horizons for future updates and hardware
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