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  1. I will add that some people may get lucky on Windows and not have any problems at all. But it seems like there are enough people with the same issues.
  2. So as far as Windows goes, its basically not going to work very well. I managed after multiple reboots and reconfig the settings on Windows (1909) and it was working for about 5 minutes and then it loses internet connectivity. Hours spent doing this. I've had multiple people more skilled than I take a crack at this thing on Windows and they can't get it to work either. Flip that to a Kali or Mint machine and it works just fine. Lots of us having problems with Windows, but I got the basic response (paraphrasing) "well it works for us on our windows machines, there isn't a problem". Hopefully people buying this for the first time will find this post and if they aren't Linux users they won't waste their time or money on something they can't use. Thankfully for me I was able to spin up a Kali VM on my Windows Laptop and make it work, but most people can't or don't have the ability to do that. Kind of a bummer.
  3. If you follow the instructions I posted above for Kali that works
  4. The problem is in Windows - after sharing the connection with the pineapple in the network control panel, setting the static IP (following the videos), the pineapple still can't connect to the internet
  5. Still working on a Windows solution. Nothing against Linux machines but I primarily use Windows and need that functionality
  6. Hey @Hamm , check this out for linux. @Darren Kitchen sent to to me on my ticket. Worked great with Kali not sure if Parrot is having the same issues https://youtu.be/LDBVgJWWtxE https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/articles/360010555453
  7. Went ahead and submitted a support ticket. I've messed with this thing long enough there has to be something wrong with it.
  8. Didn't work with Mint or Kali either. Did a complete factory reset and it still didn't work on Windows, Mint or Kali. It works if you use the wlan0 in client mode but that really makes it unreliable.
  9. Roger that. Its going to be a few all of my Linux images were corrupted so I'm downloading fresh copies.
  10. Several posts about this problem. I'm having this problem. Follow the instructions to a T and no dice. I'm about to spin up a Linux box and give it a shot. If it works with no issues It might be time to report a bug for these pineapples.
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