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  1. you are totally correct. I wanted to test penetrate my own network, then do the same at work. However, i did figure it out. It works much better if you do the same thing you are doing in windows, in Kali.
  2. I have done numerous google searches and have even written Hak5 support with no luck. Not trying to do anything illegal. Simply wondering how i can use the pineapple to obtain my own wifi password. Is there anyone or anywhere i can get directions on this? Now i've seen a ton online, however every video i have watch skips over very important steps, or quickly will gloss over anything meaningful that i guess i should know, but i do not. Is there anywhere i can read this or have it explained to me as if i'm a 5 year old?
  3. I'm going to switch over to Kali 2020 and give it a try. Most of the resolutions i'm seeing are for it, so i'll give it a go. Try creating a virtual machine in windows and setting up a Linux, preferably Kali 2020, install. I'm using a windows 10 with a VM, and the most help i'm getting is catered towards Linux. Just a thought.
  4. I did the same. I'm running Parrot OS, and not having any luck. I've submitted a support ticket.
  5. I'm having the exact same problem. there doesn't seem to be any help.
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