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  1. I'm able to get c2 up and going both on my windows environment and on my linux vm. My cli is -hostname c2.test After running, I am able to go to localhost at and setup the device. As instructed online, I download the device.config for this device (owl) and scp into the etc folder, then reboot the device. I get no connections through c2 at all. I have tried ssh into the device to manually disconnect then reconnect c2 and that hasn't resolved the issue either. Any help / ideas? I have searched the first 5 pages of google and still haven't figured it out. My test wirel
  2. It was suggested that I escape the & character inside the ssid. This worked, I did however send the logs from the wifi_connect.sh to let me view the output. Once viewed, I reverted back to the original script. echo -e "network={\nssid=\"$WIFI_SSID\"\npsk=\"$WIFI_PASS\"\npriority=1\n}">/tmp/wpa.conf was sent to log 1 network={ ssid="Tammy&Gary" psk="tammygary" priority=1 } wpa_supplicant -B -Dnl80211 -i wlan0 -c /tmp/wpa.conf log 2 Successfully initialized wpa_supplicant
  3. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong here, and its a bit embarrassing to ask, but here I go. I can't get my signal owl to connect to wifi and its driving me nuts. I know I am overlooking something small but I need a second set of eyes. I have redirected WIFI_CONNECT.sh to give me some logs, but there are no errors. Here is my .sh file followed by my payload root/payload/extensions/WIFI_CONNECT.sh #!/bin/bash # # Title: WIFI_CONNECT # Description: Simplifies WiFi client mode connection. Expects $WIFI_SSID and $WIFI_PASS # Author: Hak5Darren function WIFI_CONNECT(
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