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  1. And also making the first number even did not work. :/
  2. I tried using "hostapd hostapd.conf -dd" command instead to get debug information and the following was it's output: Ignore Probe Request due to DS Params mismatch: chan=6 != ds.chan=7 nl80211: Event message available nl80211: BSS Event 59 (NL80211_CMD_FRAME) received for wlan0 nl80211: MLME event 59 (NL80211_CMD_FRAME) on wlan0(98:22:ef:02:64:6b) A1=ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff A2=2a:6d:83:f1:b7:66 nl80211: MLME event frame - hexdump(len=106): 40 00 00 00 ff ff ff ff ff ff 2a 6d 83 f1 b7 66 ff ff ff ff ff ff e0 b9 00 00 01 08 02 04 0b 0c 12 16 18 24 32 04 30 48 60 6c 03 01 07 2d 1a
  3. CHi kdodge Thanks for replying. Here are the commands I am using: ifconfig wlan0 down macchanger -r wlan0 ifconfig wlan0 up systemctl stop NetworkManager systemctl stop wpa_supplicant hostapd hostapd.conf dnsmasq -C dnsmasq.conf -d ifconfig wlan0 1920168.43.1 netmask
  4. Hello I'm trying to setup a evil twin AP using hostapd and dnsmasq. Without changing the MAC address, i was able to connect to it with my other device but as soon as i changed MAC address of my wireless interface hostapd doesn't seem to work anymore. Any kind of help would be appreciated.
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