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  1. There are other file types that look to be the size the photos would be but their file type is "File" any ideas how these could be converted to .jpg or other useful file types?
  2. I have tried using number 3 and was a little bit more successful, I can now see the photos but they are all thumbnail size, when I expand them they are pixelated. would it have used some sort of winzip compression that I now need to reverse?
  3. Thank you, using number 2 above I can see the drives but when I click into any of them there is either an empty folder or else it cant open the disk. will these software packs let me copy the video and photo files over to C drive to windows?
  4. Hi, I have been using this for a while and stored photos from phones and cameras onto the drive. it wont power up now so I removed the hard dick and attached it to my PC with a sata cable but it doesnt appear in my computer/this PC. I can however see the drive and partitions in disk management and I can see it in device manager so i know the disk if fine but I cant now get the photos off it. Has anybody got any suggestions or Ideas to help? Thanks
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