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  1. Rustzula, How did you get internet via Kali? Below is the response from Darren at Hak 5 over my questions on ISC (Internet Sharing Connection) over Windows: This issue has to do with the host operating system, not the WiFi Pineapple.Unless the WiFi Pineapple software has been modified, it will seek an Internet connection from a connected device with a static IP address of It is up to the host with that IP address to forward along an Internet connection - which varies based on operating system. We provide general guidelines for setup across Windows and Linux. The guides are general, as specific settings on those operating systems determine operability.I can say from experience that some people have bridges setup on their Windows hosts, which may interfere with this setup. I cannot provide support for Windows - for that you would need to reach out to Microsoft.I can say with confidence based on the information you have provided that your WiFi Pineapple hardware is in working order. If you are not having any luck with ICS on Windows, I recommend trying with a different computer, operating system, or ICS method. Again, there are several guides published at docs.hak5.org relating to Internet connection methods. The easiest method is WiFi Client mode. Cheers, Mozza
  2. Need to tell us you get on with the Linux option. I am in discussions with Hak5 via there support function as well so will report / provide an update on that engagement. Cheers, Mozza
  3. Hello there. I have followed the instructions yet the Pineapple has not got any internet connectivity. WIFI Interface: The Wifi interface has been set to allow other network users to connect through this computer internet connection and selected the wifi pineapple as the home networking connection and selected also allow other network users to control or disable the shared internet connection. Pineapple Interface: Updated the IP address in the IPV4 in the Interface status it states that both IPV4 and IPV6 has no internet connectivity Any ideas why this is and what I am doing wrong? Cheers, Mozza
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