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  1. My plan is to put my PineApple Nano in one location and to access it from another location. But as you know I have to have two adapters - one in client mode and the other one for monitoring mode. Thanks for C2 Cloud I will take a look at it.
  2. Hello Hak5 users, I am experiencing an issue with my Pineapple Nano. My goal is to access my Pineapple remotly, but it is a little bit hard because I want to turn on the monitoring mode on wlan1 and at the same time I want to use client mode in order to create an ssh forwarding to a remote server. Just I want to use my pineap remotly. I am not sure, maybe external wifi adapter is a good way for this but it will be nice if there is a way to do this only with default wifi pineapple adapters. As I say the idea is: 1. Connect my Pineapple to the internet in order to connect to an external server(ssh forwarding). 2. From the remote server, I want to enable monitoring mode on wlan1(pineapple) in order to listen for handshakes.
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