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  1. Still no response to my email or this thread. Thats me done with Hak5.
  2. Hi Mephisto. After registering a ticket with Hak5 I have had intemittent communication, sometimes two weeks go by between responses. On January 26th after sending a debug log as requested on the 7th January, I got this response Version 1.0.2 released today. Can you upgrade and report back your experience? I replied "I’m not sure if I am reading this right. You are saying upgrade to Version 1.0.2 The firmware current version is 2.7.0, in the advanced settings there is no upgrade found, just 2.7.0 There aren’t any bulletins showing since August 2016 What am I doing wrong?" I sent that on the 28th January and its 16th Feb and no response to date So thats all I know for now until Hak5 get back to me (or not)
  3. Thanks for looking anyway. I cant figure it out. I have used two different Nanos and both produce the same problem, all timestamps are nearly 2 months ago. Im using kali2020 from VMware, all the dates are correct on the hosts and the system dates are correct.
  4. Sure, thanks for the assist... So in the PineAP module configuration I check the following; Allow Associations Log PineAP events Client Connect Notifications Capture SSIDs to Pool Set the PineAP Daemon and autostart to enabled. When I leave it running, the SSID pool is collecting SSIDs so after a period of time I go to the logging tab... The PineAP logs are incorrect and always show the month of November The System Logs show the correct date and time In configuration, I have set the correct time zone so why the discrepancy between the PineAP logs and the System Logs? I have tried rebooting, factory resets. Nothing seesm to make these PineAP logs show the right date.
  5. My reporting logs for PineAP all read the wrong month. I cant figure out why as I have the correct timezone set in Configuration and have tried rebooting numerous times. Whats odd is that the system log is correct. Any Hak5 Gurus got any ideas for a fix?
  6. I found that if you follow the Hak5 video clip on page one of this thread AND THEN REBOOT the pineapple, it works!
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