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  1. Is there a way for a user to delete his / her own posts? Thanks.
  2. Thanks - my impression now is that the above use cPanel. The convention is for the MX to be the same as the domain name. Let me provide two more examples - one I understand and one I don't. aaa-ii.com has an MX of mx.stackmail.com and stackmail.com is a webmail provider. That's simple. However, the IP for mx.stackmail.com resolves to an organisation called INFRA. The only way I can know the mail system that users of of aaa-li.com use is because mx.stackmail.com is a self-explanatory URI. In the next case, henleyglobal.com uses mx3.mtaroutes.com. The MX IP is owned by Cogent Communications ( - The A record of the site (www.henleyglobal.com) is owned by Swisscom ( - My question is: is there a way to learn which mail provider an organisation is using based on the records above? In the first case, the MX record is clear. In the second case, it's not. Is there a model which allows someone to figure out what mail system any company is using? Thanks.
  3. Thank you for your response. I am still a little confused and have performed some tests (shown below). dig mail.mdmconsultancy.com and mdmconsultancy.com - host - srv3.peweb.com - going to peweb.com redirects to https://www.webservice.be/ "a so-called "white-label" company. We register domain-names and host websites mainly for webdesign-companies whose ambition it is to focus on building websites." whois - - Leaseweb ports - 110 / 995 / 143 / 993 / 587 (shared IP) I don't understand why is for two organizations (Webservice.be) and Leaseweb. Or is it possible that Webservice is the hoster and Leaseweb provides the mail records? ---------- dig altgroupltd.com - host - server1.ku-host.com whois - Namecheap ports - 110 / 995 / 143 / 993 / 587 (shared IP) In this case I don't know what ku-host.com is. The site is blank with a countdown clock in French! How does ku-host relate to Namesheap? Unless the idea is that ku-host is the hoster and Namecheap provides the mail records?
  4. I don't understand how MX records work when the MX record is the name of the website. For example: mail.mdmconsultancy.com is the MX of mdmconsultancy.com and altgroupltd.com is the MX of altgroupltd.com. Which company is providing mail services to these two websites? Something like alt1.aspmx.l.google.com or fb.mail.gandi.net makes sense to me but I don't understand what the two above mean.
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