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  1. Hi, I am new to this forum but been using pineapples for a while and hope maybe someone can help with an issue I have. I am on firmware 2.2.4 on my Mark V which works well, I have used maybe 30-40 on various projects and they good and just work well! My questions is, I am not seeing karma association logs. They used to write, from memory, to /tmp/karma-phy0.log file and at some point either these have stopped logging or a firmware upgrade has changed something. I normally operate all command from the cli If I kick off pineap from the gui then both probes and 'trying to associate with 'SSID' are written to the /tmp/pineap.log file I am seeing the IP, Device name, MAC address in dhcp.leases but cannot see any association requests in any file. I am about to move to a Tetra so I am assuming the issue I have will move with it as I operate the pineapple remotely using cli commands for uci and hostapd etc Any help would be appreciated.
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