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  1. FIXED: The problem was due to a nearby AP operating on the same channel (-41 RSSI in my instance). The NANO seemed to be in a state of constantly waiting I guess this is due to how the CSMA/CD is setup on the device. The workaround was to move to a channel with less or no interference. I've reported this to the vendor.
  2. UPDATE: I've also tried flashing the firmware to version 2.4.1 but the results remain the same. I've swapped the antennas to see if there was a faulty antenna but that did not make a difference.
  3. UPDATE: I've played around with the filters and setting to deny to allow and MAC address or SSID. I've also set to allow and specified the exact MAC address and SSID. Still no results. I've tried changing the country code to the US but that did not work. I've tried a few different power sources but the results remain the same. I've also been testing the management AP and that works fine. Which leads me to think that one of the chipsets is faulty. I'll wait a little while longer to see if the community has any suggestions if not I'll raise an RMA with the vendor.
  4. UPDATE: Trying to troubleshoot this further and have performed a packet capture using a 3rd party Wi-Fi device (in monitor mode). It seems that the NANO does not reply to the probe request frames. In addition it also seems to stop transmitting beacon frames as well. Brief extract below: 57 21:25:44 27/03/2020 3.8083188 [20720D 3903F8] [*BROADCAST] WiFi WiFi:[ ManagementProbe request] ....... RSSI = -30 dBm, Rate = 1.0 Mbps, SSID = test3 58 21:25:44 27/03/2020 3.8083373 [20720D 3903F8] [*BROADCAST] WiFi WiFi:[ ManagementProbe request] ....... RSSI = -30 dBm, Rate = 1.0 Mbps, SS
  5. Hi all, Received my NANO but I haven't been able to get any wireless clients to connect to the rogue AP. My settings My filter policy is set to send for both Client Filtering and SSID Filtering. Both fields are empty. The PineAP is set to allow associations Using firmware version 2.7 What I have tried I've tried to mimic a live open SSID and deauth client devices the client devices do disconnect but don't connect to the rogue AP which has a higher SNR & RSSI. I have also created a new open SSID on the NANO and while the AP broadcasts th
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