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  1. Regardless, these are buggy as hell and unreliable. They're cool for a hobbyist thing but would never trust it and wouldn't recommend anyone else does either.
  2. I'm aware. Still ,given the track record of these things no one would seriously use one on an engagement.
  3. The modules are trash and the device itself is useless. Hak5 tried, but honestly no serious professional would trust their BS on red teams or and serious pentest engagement.
  4. Oh wait, looks like the SD card issue actually is a Hak5 issue. Lol, these things are comically bad.
  5. I'm not sure if all Pineapple Nano's are like this, but mine is just a sloppy piece of hardware. The connection is constantly borked and then all of the sudden "Error connecting to WiFiPineapple.com. Please check your connection.". Modules seem to randomly disappear, and I've had multiple SD cards get corrupted when installing modules (probably not a Hak5 thing, but still). All in all, for $100 this is hot dogsh*t. Am I the only one experiencing this, or is everyone on the same page? This seems like a beta version at best that was released way too early.
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