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  1. Yes I am able but only few second because my phone is still connected, im not noticing any deauth in reality. Maybe few millisecond (just disconnected/reconnected)
  2. No in reality I'm able because the handshake I got it with aireplay-ng correctly. The problem is that the disconnection of the station is not even not noticing on the client because is getting few millisecond of disconnection. So problem is that the client is going to surf on the net and will never go to network manager to see if there are any connection available. I already tried with handhsake and dictionary but the problem is that for sure many people leave the psw default of router and so, 16 random caracter impossible to get.. Reaver I tried but after few trial I got AP lock. What do you advice me? thank you much @Zylla
  3. Hi @Cap_Sig & @Zylla I completly understood your point of PMF. Is my home wifi so I can check it out if its available but its look like yes I would say. Than in this scenario what is the "attack 2.0" that someone can plan to do? And by the way than, the deauth on such condition is impossible to do? I investigated about Reaver but after few pin I got immidiatly AP lock. So what is your avices and opinions?
  4. Hi Zylla , thank you for you answer. I read now about it and so what does it means that such APs are not able to get deauth? thanks
  5. Hi, I know I'm new and you probably will think that I didn't research or signed here only to have answer, is not. I'm just a beginner in this all magic world of hacking and I'm here to learn. In these days I have been 24/24 studying kali and the most various tools and code for using it. I understood how to works aireplay-ng, how to work with fluxion, airgeddon, wifiphisher and that's all. I bought a specific wifi card as here is suggested (ALFA Network AWUS036NH) but I'm stuck with 1 important home wifi, I can't make them deauth. Even if I'm sending ton of packets with aireplay-ng manually or by airgeddon for example, they stand. I'm sure of it because it's my wifi that i'm trying to test it. Of course the aP of AWUS036NH is working perfect, and i'm seeing it correctly but withoud killing the connection, all the tests are meaningless. With the hotspot of my phone, all smooth the deauth. With another connection all fine, but this one, nothing.. All my efforts for make it disconnect, are vains. Do you have any reccomendation? thank you so much
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