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  1. Ok great thank you. I will visit it
  2. I've also seen reports that some charging cables are stealing people's information in public places when attached. How are they managing such a task? How can any device plugged in just steal your unlock password or website passsords
  3. So why are people worried about plugging in their phones to these cables if it can't attack the phone or get their unlock password or web passwords? They have me so confused on this issue and what is actually capable of doing unless you're also saying that you can run payloads on their phones via the wireless charger.
  4. ok understood. I thought what I was viewing on the videos on YouTube was the cable posing as a charger and watched it backdoor iPhone and Android devices via the charging connection either via keylog scripts or plain image mirroring on the master device. They made it appear like the cable was attacking the phone plugged into it not a computer.
  5. Like you said they don't have much info listed about the cable, sorry to trouble you but it seems like you know how the product works.
  6. Can the cable grab passwords on android devices such as initial unlock password or website passwords? Also does the device need to be plugged in while the user unlocks their device or website in order to receive that information? Do I also need to be present and logged in at that exact moment to receive that information or will it be stored and i can look at it later? Thank you for the help
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