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  1. Thanks to all of you guys.My issue is now resolved.
  2. Please tell me one more thing: How to use ALT key and TAB key simultaneously?
  3. Thanks i used chrome /max in run command
  4. I am sorry it was my mistake i used ALT and space
  5. I tried ALT SPACE STRING X But i don't need them in sequential i need them to be simultaneous.And i also tried F11 but did not worked.
  6. Hi! This is my first post here at hak5 forums.I have 2 problems which are as follows: Problem 1: My first problem is regarding Ducky script.I want to press the Ctrl key and SPACE key and X key simultaneously in Ducky Script.These keys are the shortcut key to maximize a Google Chrome Window. Problem 2: I want to write the Function key in ducky script.The F11 puts Google Chrome into Full Screen Mode.So,I want to write it into ducky script.I only want to write F11 key alone into ducky script no other key combo. Kindly Someone assist me with my problems. THANKS IN ADVANCE.
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