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  1. Thanks Darren for the quick reply. To clarify, have you ever verified that no changes are made to the window's registry, i.e. it's not detectable? For example: clone an existing PC keyboard's VIP/PID/Mfg/SN to the ducky dump the PC windows registry to a text file remove the cloned PC keyboard insert the Bash Bunny for the 1st time dump the windows registry to a text file again diff the two registry dumps to see if anything changed If a new keyboard is detectable, then it won't work for our application that can't risk breaking the windows registry on a mission critical PC. We previously bought a very expensive HDMI EDID cloaner that claimed to have transparent monitor pass-though, but when I diffed the registry, some of the EDID values had changed. So we scrapped the idea of using HDMI and are now trying USB.
  2. Do any Hack5 devices allow you to specify/clone the reported USB Hardware ID? https://www.cybrary.it/blog/0p3n/usb-forensics-find-the-history-of-every-connected-usb-device-on-your-computer/ What stops an Admin from creating a script that scans the windows registry for your USB Hardware Ids?
  3. Does this device clone the displays EDID data and return it to the computer? I.E. is it completely transparent or easily detectable and stored in the registry? If not, what does it report back to the computer OS? I.E. could Admins write scripts to search for it in the registry and flag the computer? Extended Display Identification Data
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