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  1. As a brand new recipient of a tetra, i have just wasted 2 days with it. woeful product. 2.6.2 is useless. doesn't always scan, doesn't save ssid. does less than my smartphone. obviously so many complaints from others too, but as long as hak5 are 'excited' to release it i guess. thats really great. good work. a shame they don't use their own stuff. down(?)graded to the tetra recovery of 2.4.x. scans much better, even saves/shows ssid, but no associations ever occur. ever. deauths don't work either. the only thing that does seem to work is the open ssid from the networking options. wow! no replies required. no comments about.. oh but have you checked your filters.. *sigh*. please. have tried many combinations of pineAP start at boot/not start, restart pineAP, factory reset, modules, no modules. cannot find a combination that works. shouldn't be this hard. useless useless product. binned. /rant
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