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  1. do you mean putting the firmware in udisk? (storage mode) If so then I already did that a few times in an attempt to fix the bug before posting; that combined with the read only is what was causing my issue with entering (what i thought was) recovery mode on every boot. If not then I still dont know what you mean, I know that there is the firmware download but not the procedure. (Sorry if this is a hyper basic thing or something but as I said before I'm still learning how the bunny operates) (also it appears my udisk code is also screwed up since it gives me a command not found error, I found this forum that has a copy of it though, not sure if this is relevant but I figured it gives more context to the issue)
  2. what do you mean without the bunny updater?
  3. (it looks like it was just recovering itself because it was set to read only before I tried deleting the update file, brute forcing tons of attempts to fix the read/write permissions on my laptop seem to have solved it though I dont know which one actually solved it) (LED command still doesn't work correctly either, also I can only use raw R G or B not M or Y)
  4. New development. today I was working with it and it set itself to read only, then, after a few plugs and unplugs trying to fix that, now it enters recovery mode every time its plugged in. (in arming mode, my other switches seem to still work ok but I cant exactly test the extent of that because I cant change the payloads) Should I just open a support ticket or is there still a way I can recover this?
  5. (PS : I first reset it because I was being stupid, I was having an issue connecting to it and I thought it was the BB but it appears to have been my crap laptop)
  6. I did a reset of my bash bunny (doesn't boot 3 times, auto-reset) and now its LED doesnt accept states. I have done some testing and it looks like what used to be a constantly running service to blink the LED is now only running once then stopping. To elaborate, if I say "LED G SOLID" the LED will stay green solid, same if I say "LED G VERYFAST" but if I say "LED G IQUAD" it starts and stays off. (so my idea is that, the first instance of blink_led.sh closes early or it doesnt detect that I even passed a state at all) when in the remote shell if I use the "LED R VERYFAST" command two times in a row it echos "blink_led.sh: process not found" which seems to further indicate the process isnt running. I have already tried doing another reset and even updating the firmware completely and it hasnt seemed to work. Is this a known issue with solutions or is there an issue with my hardware? (tell me if I'm missing something here but I hope this is enough information, also by BB is like brand new, I got it last week and havent really used it aside from testing)
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