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  1. I’m not sure I understand your question
  2. The AP disconnect is a minor issue. To remedy it, simply turn on auto-reconnect on your device. As far as the demonseed, I can’t answer that as I don’t own the kit
  3. I’ll answer one of the questions, as MG now has a thread on here for the cables. The latest firmware should fix the issue you’re having with repeat characters. For answers to your other questions, go check out the O.MG Slack channel, as the devs are very active in there
  4. There is a payload for macs called LockScream that can actually do this via the O.MG cable. But anyway, if you have any other questions, feel free to visit that site or the devs Slack channel
  5. Easy answer. It’s because all reports in the media are implying that it attacks their phone. The dev never said that, but that’s the wild assumption going around. Either way, that’s not a bad thing. If people continue to think it attacks their phones, they’ll be more cautious about what they plug in
  6. No sir. Think of the cable as a bash bunny, except made to not look obvious so the victim themselves will plug it in without suspicion and developed for on the fly payloads
  7. I’m unofficially assisting the dev in answering common questions
  8. The cable is meant to be used to attack computers, not the mobile device it’s attached to. The guise of a “charger cable” is meant to get the user to trust the device. So no, you can’t attack the phone UNLESS you develop a payload that uses the affected pc to relay the attack. The cable works on WiFi. You must be within range to connect to the cable via WiFi in order to conduct your attack. The cable only has enough storage to store and run your payloads. If you’re looking to dump information such as hashes, you must add commands to your payload that will exfiltrate the data to an external source For more info, visit the devs site or www.pwnpalace.com/o-mg
  9. O.MG Cable Usage
  10. EnkOde


    Use your imagination. I’m using mine to download netcat onto a machine and execute it as a service
  11. EnkOde


    You're welcome!
  12. Hey guys, I just wanted to share my experience with getting this cable set up and running. First, I just want to say i'm extremely disappointed that Hak5 released this device without proper documentation or support. Absolutely nothing on docs.hak5.org I digress. So here's what i've learned so far. How to set up So like most people, I don't read the little cards that come with the products. I unwrap, head to docs.hak5.org and jump in. Well, with the O.MG cable, READ the card. It shows you the site to go to in order to get started https://o.mg.lol/setup/ Make sure to download the firmware https://github.com/O-MG/O.MG_Cable-Firmware/releases So I downloaded and ran the setup script using defaults. Plugged it into the windows machine, opened my wifi settings on my phone to connect annnnndddd.... nothing Turns out, to connect you actually have to select the "AP" option during setup, and NOT STATION. Guess what? This was actually in the README.md lol. So moral of this story... READ THE DOCUMENTATION AS DIRECTED USAGE So I tried again. Plugged the cable into the victim machine and tried to connect to it through my phone. Voila, i'm connected. Then just surf to on your phone browser to get to the interface. SCRIPTS So, apparently the O.MG cable doesn't come with any useful scripts preloaded. While in the O.MG interface, I went to LOAD > Example Scripts. Nothing particularly useful. They are exactly what they claim to be... just samples of scripts. But if you know powershell or cmd, then by studying the scripts you can figure out how to write your own. Just remember that anything you want typed into the terminals/command prompts, has to be proceeded by the word STRING as shown in the example scripts. I GOT 99 PROBLEMS, AND LAUNCHING CMD IS ONE So launching an example script the first time worked. It opened a run box, ran some powershell, then disconnected. Awesome. So I decided to modify one line of the script to just launch cmd.exe and run ipconfig. Annnnnddd... didn't worked. As many times as I tried, running the script didnt launch the cmd. You hear the windows "error beep". Run script again, same thing. Reboot pc, run script, it works the first time, then again get the windows error beep. This is one piece thats not only annoying, but I really cant figure out why it does it. Ill provide my sample script below. Give it a try. It runs IPCONFIG, stores the results in a text file. CUSTOM SCRIPT GUI R DELAY 2 STRING cmd.exe DELAY 1 ENTER STRING ipconfig /all > C:\tools\test.txt ENTER DELAY 3 STRING exit ENTER FUTURE UPDATES Since Hak5 hasn't provided much support for this product, lets use this threat to consolidate future settings, issues, etc - EnkOde www.pwnpalace.com facebook.com/pwnpalace
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