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  1. I'm looking for some cyberpunk-style game suggestions. I am not much of a gamer, but I really enjoy that genre of literature and would definitely play a game based on related concepts. I've played the Shadowrun series for PC/Mac. They're okay. I'm looking for more obscure suggestions though. I'm definitely aware of `Cyberpunk 2077` too. While it does seem very mainstream I watched the game-play video and I have to admit that it looked great and had some very cool elements-- even if William Gibson kind of talked shit on it. I've also downloaded `2064: Read Only Memories`, `The Red Strings Club`, and `VA-11 HALL-A`, but I haven't got a chance to play them yet because I am using a Mac right now and I haven't looked for any good Windows emulators yet. If someone has a suggestion on the best way to run Windows programs on OSX that would be helpful too.
  2. Apparently I can't edit my posts, but I wanted to clarify. I haven't noticed any adverse health affects. My diet is the same whether or not I'm behind a console, and if I want to go to the store or something like that I'll usually walk there. I'm not way out of shape or anything, but I'm not like CrossFit-type fit either. Once I get a lull in the studies I think I am going to start lifting weights and have a little gym-jock phase. I've never really tried that before and it sounds like it could be fun. Stronk haxor.
  3. Most of the day lately. I'm not too worried about it. In the past I've taken intentional screen downtime, but lately I've been studying and that is more important. There aren't really any adverse health affects other than the occasional eye-strain, but I just got a pair of computer glasses through my insurance. My vision is perfectly fine, but after a while I sometimes catch myself squinting / blinking. The glasses immediately fixed that and I haven't done it since. They also filter some aspects of the blue spectrum. They were definitely worth getting in my opinion. I'm in my mid-30's now. Previously I had no squinty-blinking regardless of screen use.
  4. Really glad I found this thread. I've been driving myself crazy thinking I've been missing it in a menu somewhere. Restricting the ability to change your profile picture before a certain number of posts is a weird one though.
  5. Yes, please add a 'dark mode' feature. This 10,000,000 lumen white is bad for my vampiric health.
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