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  1. Hello, I have been using the Pineapple Nano for three months now, (to perform WiFi PT) and I can agree with @LaTonya , nothing seems to work except EvilPortal that in my case seems to work correctly. However I still use my Nano because sometimes it's better than a Kali VM with an Alfa antena. I found two bugs in the SiteSurvey GUI: 1. If you start the deauth and then click on the stop button, the GUI doesn't kill aireplay-ng and essentially jamming the network. You can verify that with the commands ps aux | grep air* . I resolved by modifying the code to send only 5 deauth packets every time I click on the start/stop button. 2. Actually airodump-ng capture some handshake but they doesn't appear on the GUI. Instead they are saved in /tmp (if I remember correctly). When you can, just use the nano with the SSH interface and aircrack-ng suite, otherwise use eaphammer on a raspberry.
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