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  1. I have been verry impressed so far, and i think i found a new favorite tool!
  2. Sorry False alarm.... I waited a little while and grabbed it to check the led again and realized it was nice and cool. So i assume it shutdown instead of rebooting. I unplugged and re-plugged it and it came on, I just had to redo my config as it was overwritten during the upgrade. It did then connect to the c2 server.
  3. zenn1999

    update fail?

    i just got my crock today and did the initial startup on the card and tried to connect to my c2. it did not connect so i figured it needed an update. i did this and waited for the red/blue flash to stop. when it did though the led went dark and neither the keyboard or flash drive are showing up and i am afraid to unplug it now...... What should i do?
  4. I moved the db back to the instance from my test server and tried starting it but it threw permission errors with every try. I finally decided to just delete the db and try running the bin again manually to start over. This also did not work in any folder and did not throw any errors. It just went back to the prompt with no cloud c2 output at all. To break it down, only the first install in the amazon lightsail instance worked and every other try to install again following the same steps resulted in a failure to start the ssh server. This appeared more to do with amazon lightsail than an
  5. I did take a snapshot of the instance with the full drive so instead of continuing to try and troubleshoot why the instance is not allowing ssh to start i went a different direction. I have a test server at home so a made another instance with the snapshot and downloaded the binary and database to my server at home. I fired it up on my home server and was then able to delete the crab's loot files. I suspected i could not delete them since i maxed out the drive on the vps. But now as i am looking at the database It does not seem to have decreased in size? Maybe even got a bit bigger??? Did I mi
  6. I tried deleting the device and the loot but all it did was lock up the vps. I then figured i would just start over with a bigger instance and so i loaded it up and ran the install command after installing unzip and this is what i get: ubuntu@ip-172-26-1-197:~$ sudo apt install unzip Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done c2.zip c2_community-linux-armv5 c2_community-windows-32.exe c2_community-darwin-64 c2_community-linux-armv6 c2_community-windows-64.exe c2_community-linux-32 c2_community-l
  7. This weekend I had been trying to get my screen crab online and connected to my c2 instance. I had been trying to recreate an issue i had so i let it run all weekend. Which would have been fine except it is on a VPS with 20 gig hdd space. I realize this morning that i filled 18 of my 20 gigs with screen grabs. So I tried to delete one file and it stays. I then tried the delete all button which locked up the server and deleted nothing that i could tell. Is there a way to do this manually or if I remove that device does it also remove the loot?
  8. So far My Crab has been running online, and connected to my c2 server for the whole weekend with no issue. I tried to reproduce the problem but have not been able to. I still believe It was more user error than anything but this is what i think happened: The company i work for tried adding a TV service that i had been demoing. The STB boxes were mag 257w1. These boxes caused a lot of issues with several devices, like tv's and HDMI splitters. This is the box my crab was connected to when it stopped working. the box was notorious for overheating and freezing. I believe when it froze it caused th
  9. I am Really stumped now..... I looked at my config again to make sure i had just wifi options and all else comented out. I did I then noticed the loot folder was still filling despite the fact it wasnt suppose to be capturing. I had deleted the pictures previously so i should have had an empty folder. The pictures were also still following the same number sequence also as if the other pictures were still there in front of it. This gave me a clue. I opened the three files in the loot folder and deleted the contents of each so they were empty. I then reinserted the sd in the crab plugged it back
  10. Ok. I do have mine in quotes. And in my router's log i don't even see it trying to connect....... I'm not sure what else to try. Yes it is still useful without the wifi but it is a feature i planned to use reguarly. Just for a recap, I did have it connected at one time. As well as connected to my C2 server. I used the guest account on my router as it would not accept the password with a $ in it. I hooked it to my cable box and all was working for a few hours. i noticed it gets pretty hot so i let it dangle in the air. But after a few hours it then stopped doing anything and the led reflec
  11. Turns out the crab dosent like hdmi adapters. My monitor dosent have a native hdmi port instead i have an digital to hdmi adapter and the color of the led was no signal color. I moved it to my tv and i got a blue led again. Still trying to figure out the wifi though. I work in IT and right now to install this on a customers monitor or tv would enable me to do easier no contact service calls. That is why i started diving back into getting this up and running. I am sure its user error somewhere, I am just missing something small. Anyone that has wifi up and running on theirs, my question is how
  12. I put this aside for a while as i was not getting anywhere. Now with some time on my hands i would like to figure this out if i could. I decided to reconnect my crab to my pc screen, pulled out a new sd card and loaded it in the crab. After powering it on it seems like it is booting properly so i waited for about 15 minutes, pushed the button and waited for a green led to pull the card. The crab loaded the appropriate files on the card but had no loot or a log file. Also while the crab is running i cant tell what color the led is so it probably isnt blue...
  13. S i finally got time to do more troubleshooting. I started up my pineapple and started a 2 minute recon on 2.4ghz. I then started my crab up and waited for the recon to finish. I did not find a like mac address in the list or see any probes for the ssid. I setup that ssid just for the crab and the owl since they needed passwords without special characters. So i powered down the crab and changed the ssid to Open since this is one ssid I already have up on the pineapple. Before i powered up the crab i connected my phone the the open ssid so i was sure it was accessible. I then powered the crab b
  14. It does not ping, and it does not connect to the router. When i plug it in The led is green for a few seconds then turns blue like it did at first but then after about 30 seconds it flashes red once then shows multi color briefly before turning off (just the led turns off). Then a few seconds later the blue led shines again till i shut it down. My wifi router never shows it connecting nor does the dhcp server on the main router. I did try to check the log but from the log all looks well, some what. DEBUG_LOG|CrabConfig: CONFIG ARG ON|CrabConfig: DEBUG LOG CONFIG OPTION SET TO: ON|
  15. When i first Setup my Crab I finally got it connected to wifi after a battle with the config file and it even connected to my cloud server. I did have to setup its own wifi connection as it dosent like special charcters in the password or ssid. It worked for about 5 hours then it disconnected from wifi and hasnt reconnected yet. It still works just no longer has wifi. Did the radio die?
  16. So i got it connected. After a little back and forth with the password. I found it when i checked out wpa-wlan0.conf and found only part of my password saved. My password has a $ character and the part of my password that saved stopped at the $ character. I created a guest account and made a password for it (pa$$word). It interpreted the $ characters as sets of numbers for each one. example: pa1617word. I then changed the password to one with numbers and letters only and i connected! Hopefully this helps someone else struggling.
  17. After looking deeper it appears the payload is trying to run but i am getting a 4 way handshake timeout. I also do not see it hitting my router at all.
  18. I am trying to get acquainted with the signal owl but am having trouble running a payload or the WiFi connect payload in particular. I had no trouble updating the firmware by USB and connecting through ssh in arming mode over the open owl ssid. But when i attempted to run the WiFi connect payload i first copied it over from the downloaded library using scp to the payload dir in the owl. I then unplugged and plugged it back in and it went through the boot sequence then the led went out. I then tried to load it from the same USB stick i updated it with. After it booted this time the led on the u
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