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  1. Thanks Darren! I'll head over and check it out.
  2. I've read on here some people get 2-5 minutes of juice, mine wont even stay on long enough to perform simple nmap payload. Supposedly these things can get up to 10-15 minutes of juice? When I first got this bad boy, followed start up video... had blinking blue... then solid blue. Put it in attack mode (magenta solid), plugged into network, ran script, turned off...loot right? Plug into laptop (arming mode), ssh into loot, boom it's in there! Unplug from laptop...charge...solid blue light. Go to run new nmap scan, attack mode (magenta solid), then turns off before I can even plug into the network. I thought that it might not have been fully charged, so I go to charge it and I get a solid blue light. It was strange to me, so I plugged it into my laptop in arming mode (flashing green), ssh into the shark but quickly turns off. The only way it seems i can use this now is with the power source always connected. Is mine just a bad batch of sharks? I nave several Hak5 products, love the concept of the shark... but it acted like a one and done. Anybody else got these issues? ***Has latest firmware btw
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