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  1. maybe try following the "firmware recovery"  steps.   its different from the reset.  Also make sure that your button is actually clicking...its a longshot but the real internal switch maybe it doesnt quite line up with the button cutout on the case.   Also, Sometimes my fat  stubby fingers are squeezing the case but not actually depressing the button tab.

    Otherwise contact support.  They are pretty quick to respond, and eager to make their customers happy.....from my experience at least.   You do not have a paperweight.

  2. As a fellow 3-month-nano-owner, I can sympathize. Ive gotten very familiar with the factory reset and firmware recovery process.  That said, Im pretty much a novice, and my journey with the pineapple has been a big learning experience; I the more I learn and understand what the modules and their scripts are actually doing, the better it all seems to work (and/or troubleshoot).   I think it is safe to assume that my lack of knowledge (and possible unrealistic expectations) definitely contributed to the bumpy ride.

    Currently:    Evil Portal works perfectly (for me).  The "utility" modules like cabinet, ssid manager, signal strength, etc. all work.     I have  Portal auth, nmap, ngrep, p0f, and tcpdump, working too, but some needed some script amending, symlinks or other minor fixes and/or are a little quirky.    SSLSplit, Dwall, dnsspoof, all work fine but are effectively neutered in our modern https world.    I have responder installed and it appears to be operational, but havent yet really tested it out.    SiteSurvey seemed to work, but i never could get any handshakes whenever I tried it out.  

    there are a lot of cool  (newer) tools NOT on the official module manager:  Some need to be run from the commandline some also have a GUI (or several), like  PMKID.   That one especially works very well.  checkout adde88's github page if you havent already.

    hang in there!

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  3. oof!   that sucks.    If you have a multimeter, id try opening up the BB and testing continuity on and around the switch.  Perhaps it got bumped and has a cold solder joint  or is just failing and the bunny cant read the switch position and determine the mode on startup.      As the only electro- mechanical component, that would be my first suspect.    If you can solder, I recon that it would be fairy easy to replace at home.

  4.    I found a few things like this that would seem to indicate that the problem is with OpenWRT packages being updated.   I tried it again today and found different libubox conflicts than last time.     On a whim, I renamed the existing /lib/libubox.so  and I was finally able to manually install nginx-ssl.  Great!... However it would not start , issuing a couple complaints like this:     

    Error relocating /lib/libubus.so: blob_parse_untrusted: symbol not found

    I then tried renaming the newly installed libubox.so and re-renaming the old one back to original =  /lib/libubox.so ..and...Bingo.   Nginx started right up, my pineapple was reachable at its IP,  Papers has its depends installed and I could successfully create a 'test' key.   I havent had time to really give the nano and other modules a thorough run-thru, but at first glance, it doesnt seem like I broke anything.   I guess the libubox conflicts will get solved eventually as openwrt does its housekeeping, but in the meantime this may be a valid workaround.

    ..now on to  tackling my problem with Cursed Screech!

  5. Im having some trouble getting this module to work on a Nano with 2.6.2:   It seems that installing the dependencies from Papers (either the new version from github or the 'old' version from module manager)  breaks my the Web connectivity on my Nano.   Neither refreshing the page, rebooting,  nor fully cycling the power brings it back.  I can still SSH in tho.

    After some poking around and trying  to manually install the depends, I found that the issue is with nginx-ssl:   The dependency script successfully stops nginx and  removes it, (installs zip, unzip, etc) but the installation of nginx-ssl fails.  Thus, there is no nginx to restart, and therefore the web interface does not work.   if i manually reinstall and restart (regular)nginx,   the nano resumes full functionality.

    Trying to install nginx-ssl manually is usually met with a message about how it cannot be installed because there isnt enough room in overlay;  but even on a fresh firmware-recovered nano and a clean sd card with only Papers installed, I still get this error message:

    * check_data_file_clashes: Package libubox20191228 wants to install file /lib/libubox.so
    	But that file is already provided by package  * libubox20170601
     * opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package nginx-ssl.

         I should prob mention that i did get the new version fully installed and working a few weeks ago but I recently had to do a firmware reset, which is why im trying to reinstall (and especially frustrated that it isnt working 😉.)   If i remember correctly,   I had a similar problem where it wouldnt work if the nano was already "loaded up" with other modules (space issue?)... but it did  successfully loaded the dependencies (and nginx-ssl) on factory reset and newly formatted sd... so obviously there were no libubox conflicts....    Did something change with the packages? Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance

  6. I just tested again with a stop watch.   Respeches works beautifully*  and finishes in 21-22 secs.  I tried it a couple of times.  A little more than my initial estimate but still much faster than what you are experiencing.   

    *on Windows machines.   I cant get any loot from osx 

  7. Hmm,  I dont mean to add fuel to the conspiracy... but I was testing out Respeches today at work on my (relatively) new and fresh BB... and it was fast.  Definitely did not  30-40 secs to finish.  More like 10 or less.     

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