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  1. Yeah your way should work fine. I got mine working great but did run in to an issue when connecting wlan1 to wifi that requires a web browser login. When a client connects to my ssid and routed to the wlan1 wifi they get redirected to a page that the tetra doesnt have an IP for. This causes it to break. I will be headed back tomorrow to try again and get a pcap to see if I can add a hosts entry to get around that.
  2. Wow... I sure made things way harder than they needed to be. Ican easily be a mitm if I just connect wlan1 to wifi and still broadcast my own ssid for clients. Dont need to use wlan0 at all. Only downside is I cant use PineAP but thats fine with me for this use case. As a matter of fact I am writing this update by going thru my pineapple 😉
  3. Ok gotcha. I will just have to take my pineapple to a location that has open wifi which logs in thru a browser to connect. i think I should be able to config the wireless file to the ap with no wpa/wpa2/etc. and hopefully my browser will pop up if I need to login with email or whatever like Starbucks does
  4. Ok cool. What if I didnt want to copy a network and instead just broadcast ‘FreeWifi’ or something for clients to connect to. How would I connect wlan0 to the internet?
  5. Ok let me make sure I understand correctly... Use airbase-ng on iface wlan0mon to create a twin network to get clients then use wlan1 to connect to a real network connected to the internet?
  6. Yeah I think I have caused some confusion here. Let me start over: I want to use my Tetra as a mitm by connecting one wifi card to external wifi so that the Tetra can use that to forward clients connections to the internet. Direction: <-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |cafe/home wifi| <----- |wlan0 Tetra| -- |mitm| -- |wlan1 Tetra broadcast for client connections| <----- |Random client connections| <-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So essentially, a client connects to my Tetra via my broadcasted ssid. The tetra performs mitm and sends the traffic to the cafe/home wifi connection just as if it was plugged in thru ethernet or usb. In order to make this happen I need to connect one wifi card to internet and the other I will broadcast to get incoming connections. I dont know why Im having a hard time explaining this. I hope it makes sense. If not.. I will try again haha
  7. Interesting. I havent used airbase-ng as a client before. Seems like I should be able to just connect in ad-hoc mode and that will set me up as a typical client?
  8. haha thats the exact document Im looking at right now. Can you give me your idea on what is the best way to connect one wifi card to external wifi and broadcast with the other so I can still be the mitm? Thanks again Olaf. I appreciate the help
  9. Ok great! I didnt see that config file before. Do you have any info on how to configure it for wifi hotspots that are open but you still need some sort of login? Starbucks is a real common one here in the states. If there is a guide somewhere that I am missing please point me in thet direction too. Thanks!
  10. Hello, I am looking for a way to use the wlan0 interface as a client to connect to a wifi network. Is there an easy way to do this with a Tetra? Would be great to have that as an option.
  11. I figured it out. Here are some simplified instructions to get sslsplit installed on the Tetra with fw 2.6.2: ssh to your pineapple cd /tmp wget https://github.com/adde88/SSLSplitNG/archive/1.6.tar.gz tar -zxvf 1.6.tar.gz mkdir /pineapple/modules/SSLsplitNG cd SSLsplitNG-1.6/ cp -r * /pineapple/modules/SSLsplitNG mkdir /pineapple/modules/SSLsplitNG/log You should now be able to start and run sslsplit from the gui as well as the cli. Hope this helps some others!
  12. I created a connections.log file in that directory and unfortunately Im still in the same boat... I appreciate your help so far @Charbot
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