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  1. I never figured mine out. I ended up flashing it back to normal.
  2. How does the wifi pineapple nano supply internet access? Does it piggy back off a phone or available network? Or does it require its own Sim and network payment?
  3. Update: The "could not open USB device" was because I didn't plug it in while pressing the button. However, it is still blinking red and green and is not showing up as an available disk
  4. I just used this tutorial to flash my ducky with the twin duck firmware. However, immediately after the flash it began blinking red/green and "installing device driver" popped up. It continued to blink even after the driver was finished installing. I tried unplugging and replugging in the ducky. I also tried re-running the flash command. I am now getting the error "FAIL could not open USB device". Help?
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