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  1. On 12/20/2019 at 10:35 AM, Andr0id said:

    I had to downgrade to 2.5.4 and use DWall v 1.2 .  Some things I noticed.  If I connect from USB/ETH interface (172.16.x.x) some modules work, whereas they do not work if my pineapple has its own ethernet connection and I remote it via that network.  


    I just opened my Terra, powered up, configured, so far so good. Shared my WiFi with my wireless card. connected Terra via USB cable. Both PC(WIN10) and Terra can access the internet. Terra is sharing internet through my Wifi adapter.

    Installed DWALL, no problem. Shared out a test Wifi for client to connected. one iPHone one android connected the Terra WiFi and able to surf the internet via Terra , which sharing PC internet.  Enabled the DWALL, start to collecting, pine apple spinning and spinning and spinning....

    Nothing is being collected, showed or nothings is happening.

    any advice?

    Thank you


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