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  1. Hey Everyone, I have been trying to get some modules on my nano, I formatted 2 sd cards that were 32gb to MS-DOS in Disk Utility, then put it into the nano and went to Advanced, format SD card. I didn't see any sort of message, am I supposed to? I also downloaded a module onto the nano and I cannot delete it. When I go to "renove" module, it says that it removed it successfully but it's still there after a reboot. Do you think this has anything to do with new modules being saved? Hoping I can get some feedback, a lot of people seem to not be able to get the pineapple working, but I want mine to work. Please help!!! Thanks so much cheers /-_-\ / / \ / / \ \ \ / \__\__/ \\ -\\ ____ \\ / / ____ \\/___/ \ \ -// \___\//- -// \\ // //- -// // \\ \\
  2. I have followed all of these similar stories.... I recently formatted a 32gb to MS-DOS, popped it into the nano and then went to Advanced, and format SD card. I'm not seeing a messag of failure or success. I try to download a module and I get the message that I need to install a SD card. I am goign to try another SD card, but is there anything else I need to do? Save the Fstab?
  3. Haha no worries. Also while im the terminal im Backtrack5, I also tried to download the wpa6.sh and it looked like it worked except for the last line in the prompt that said something about SSH unavailable? I created a mew admin user through the terminal and I can’t login to root anymore. When i load up backtrack from virtualbox, this is what i see. “Error the panel encountered a problem while loading “OAFIID:GNOME_FASTUserSwitchApplet.” do you want to delete the applett from your configuration? End error message Do you think that I corrupted my Backtrack5? I don’t know if this has anything to do with this issue, or if root dissapears from login after another admin is created. Appreciate the help
  4. I just currently purchased the Hak5 Essentials Kit and currently setting up the pineapple nano. I have connected to wifi and able to see the modules available, but when I download one a prompt says, This module is developed by sebkinne, a third-party developer. Generally, module support can be found at forums.hak5.org. You do not have enough free space to install this module. Please insert an SD card and ensure that it is formatted correctly. I tried to reformat to ext /fat in disk utility, as I'm on a macpro. I am also running Virtual box with Backtrack5 and trying to make everything connect cohesively. Me being new to security and linux- doing this alone has proved to be somewhat difficult. I have saved the fstab- (which said downloaded successfully) also I clocked format card from the advanced options tab on the GUI and nothing happens. I apologize if there is a significant lack of information but I am eager to dial this in and learn what I need to use this awesome tool. Please advise and thanks for taking the time!
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