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  1. Thank you for your response, however, it pretty much re-worded my original question. As for the MITM attack, can the Wifi Pineapple CURRENTLY perform one, given everything you mention, such as https, giving fake certificates, fake pages, etc... Im just curious also to know if this thing is still marketing itself to do something that it cant.
  2. After 3 months of rebooting, re-installing, rebooting, recovering, updating, rebooting, downloading, installing, etc... I've come to the conclusion that this thing is totally useless. The closest thing to a MITM attack that I was able to do was view my own cell phone that was connected as a client, and the only URL I was able to see was the page that told me I was blocked because someone is performing a MITM attack. Is this thing totally outdated with all the security features that weren't around when it was created? Has anyone currently had any success with ANYTHING that this thing is supposed to do? I've tried almost half of the modules with issues with just about every one of them. I'd love to hear everyones feedback.
  3. i wouldn’t say i resolved it, it worked for about an hour. If i actually do connect as a client i can’t access the web or do anything, or get the error you’re getting “unable to connect to Free WiFi”
  4. I can get clients connected, but no webpages work while connected to the pineapple as a client. I get the whole https thing, but there’s nothing that will connect. The nano is connected to the internet fine tho. What needs to be fixed?
  5. I actually got it to work, but is there something I need to do to translate all the information? It seems pretty irrelevant.
  6. Also, I get Dwall started, clients connect, but then nothing happens. Am I supposed to be doing something else?
  7. I finally got everything set up and running, I think, and I've tested out several different devices and connected them to the open SSID but then I cant get an internet connection on those devices. It keeps saying that it wont connect because its an unsecure connection.
  8. I just got the Pineapple Nano but there is only 1 USB port on my surface. Can i still use it? Would i need an adapter or just don’t plug in the 2nd cable? Thanks for your help.
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