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  1. Hi again b19e yes I understand what you say, my reasoning about $ 200 was to say that in fact it seemed a little too problematic to be a product for sale. that said, however, it is known that some modules do not go with 2.6.2 so in this sense (studies aside) I thought there was faster support from the hak5 team i will follow your suggestion Thanks again
  2. Newbier.... try to read my post better ... 😉 Should be nice !
  3. Hello b19e and thanks for your reply. That tetra is not plug and play is evident just as it is evident that you must be an expert. I'm not a hacker (black or white) and even less a linux expert but I'm an enthusiast who studies on his behalf and who likes to "play" with all these tools, I work with kali linux for my studies. what I see in the posts, however, is that there are really many problems and I would not want to be very experienced as I imagine you are and then be able to use a little the tetra. I remember. at least for me, it costs around $ 200. if it were a free tool, or an special fw to be mounted on any AP it would be understandable to have many problems but on a 200 $ instrument a minimum I would expect the functionality. with regard to the modules, for example, if you look at the download page, those relating to the ssl strip part it says that it goes only with the release 2.5.4 or lower and from there my question. maybe it's better to install 2.5.4 and have fewer problems? thanks again
  4. Hello to all. first of all I apologize for my bad english.I would like to buy a tetra pineapple but after reading a lot about the latest fw version and the many modules with problems I was wondering if it was better to install not 2.6.2 but 2.5.4. But I wonder if the correct and updated modules for 2.6.2 also work on the older 2.5.4 thank you very much Anacleto
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