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  1. Hi again b19e yes I understand what you say, my reasoning about $ 200 was to say that in fact it seemed a little too problematic to be a product for sale. that said, however, it is known that some modules do not go with 2.6.2 so in this sense (studies aside) I thought there was faster support from the hak5 team i will follow your suggestion Thanks again
  2. Newbier.... try to read my post better ... 😉 Should be nice !
  3. Hello b19e and thanks for your reply. That tetra is not plug and play is evident just as it is evident that you must be an expert. I'm not a hacker (black or white) and even less a linux expert but I'm an enthusiast who studies on his behalf and who likes to "play" with all these tools, I work with kali linux for my studies. what I see in the posts, however, is that there are really many problems and I would not want to be very experienced as I imagine you are and then be able to use a little the tetra. I remember. at least for me, it costs around $ 200. if it were a free tool, or an
  4. Hello to all. first of all I apologize for my bad english.I would like to buy a tetra pineapple but after reading a lot about the latest fw version and the many modules with problems I was wondering if it was better to install not 2.6.2 but 2.5.4. But I wonder if the correct and updated modules for 2.6.2 also work on the older 2.5.4 thank you very much Anacleto
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