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  1. Spore is really nice, i like the first person view on creating a spices up from the ground and going throu the 5 civilications, right now i am in the last age and im really liking the whole universe part of the game.

    The indepth costumisation of the game alto i think there should be more options on building parts and buildings etc.

    but you can always complain of something that is missing.. but overall a really good solid game from my point of view.

    So what are you waiting for go get it! ;)

  2. Really liked the new episode, also funny watching you guys getting a bit more to drink than normally in an ep, altho you don't get anywhere near the last Hak5 Live, but great show guys and keep it up :)

    Where'd the downloadable video go?

    Oh... you only just did it

    "GoDaddy is awesome", really selling it to me Shannon, well done.

    You can find it at the revision 3 site ;)

    And you can find them in both the RSS feeds, i just subscribe to both :)

  3. This would be a fun project to do and use where i study, because there i study the celing is a bunch of squares about 30x30cm's and you can lift them, so make one of them and throw them up where people usually use their laptops would be cool to try :)

  4. I really liked the episode, i think its nice to have you guys back on the net after the water damage and ill be watching the progress and getting a bit active on the forums again ^^ schools been killing me the last 1½ year ;)

  5. Yeah i say the same thing, i do not see a reason to have 2 forums, it would be the same as having 2 wiki's, i can understand having 2 websites because the show have joined rev3 but i do not see a problem whit just linking the rev3 forums to the hak5.org forums.

  6. Here's some stuff on me ;)

    My name is Emil Lassen

    Favourite game: I don't play really play games at the moment, i wanna buy a console caous my computer sucks at playing games.

    Favourite OS: Windows Xp Sp2 "I need more time on Linux ;)"

    Favourite console: Wii

    Nationality: Danish

    Accent: Well i don't have any accent when i talk Danish but when i talk English i sound Scottish.

    Sex: Male

    Age: 15

    Race: White Danish Guy

    Height: 6"1' "182cm+"

    Status: Single

    Build: Trainede

    Other hobbies: Computer stuff, Working out in the gym, and well just a lot of small ones, hacking and slashing electronics up and looking inside of them.

    Occupation: High School, next year TEC Gymnasium "after that I am going to study to be a Civil Engineer".

  7. I wont bother posting all the 6 computers we have so ill just post my computers:

    Packard Bell Desktop

    OS: Windows SP2 Pro

    1.81 Ghz

    1 GB Ram

    200GB HD

    Ati Radeon 9550

    Packard Bell Laptop:

    OS: Windows SP2 Pro/Slackware 11

    1.6 Ghz

    1 GB Ram

    100GB HD

    Crappy Gfx card

    Amitech Desktop:

    OS: Slackware 11

    999 Mhz

    128 GB SDRAM "got 512 DDR Ram on my table but i just dont bother"

    30 GB HD

    Sucky Gfx Card

  8. Well its kinda tricky, caous Mozilla has confirmed that its the 2.0 version but they tell that they do not say that they dont change stuff in it until the release l8ter today when the official release comes out, im not gonna install it before i see it on the mozilla website caous its l8t here and i need some sleep, but ill totaly dl it tomorow when its out on the Mozilla website "Dont kill me if the release day isent today but i think i read about it in Extreametech.com"

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