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  1. The 16 characters would most likely not be a password but a bank card or something along those lines .. my point was is we know no one is using a 15 letter password.. or a 2 letter password. We can narrow how many charicters and most commonly used ones to help the computer further crack the pass word instead of having it run every option possible.. no ones password is 1, but maybe it could be 1234567 what ever the min character you can set for the password so we lessen the chance of it running those options as well
  2. No you both are correct. I'm new to this computer world. Most of my paragraph would fit that description but again I am typing spaces between words the program would only take the data if there was no space.. I'm just trying to find ways around things and to get in to systems. Thanks guys for not slaying me for a dumb idea.
  3. Hello, my name is Allen I am currently getting in to the computer world. I had an idea of an injection key logger. But only accepts charicters entered 1-16 charicters that do NOT include a space charicter. Most of our valuable information is written in 1-16 characters without spaces. Please, thoughts negative or positive are greatly appreciated.
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