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  1. Do you mean in between single chars? Between commands is Q DELAY <number>
  2. In addition to Skr3w's input have you tried Q DELAY <number>? It won't decrease typing speed but with give a break in between commands.
  3. I love the bunny. I've run it on a slew of machines and have never had AV issues.
  4. Thanks. Yeah I've read through that. Like I said, everything is working. Payloads are just not auto executing. I was wondering if it was an issue introduced in 1.0.1.
  5. I was having an issue with the signal owl where it was not firing payloads. It appears that it does not auto execute in attack mode. The way I resolved this was to: 1.) ssh into the owl 2.) execute payload with ./payload.sh This will fire payload and kick your ssh. Hope this helps people having issues. Wondering if there is a more permanent fix for this.
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