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  1. Thank you in advance dear reader for your patience, I am in a similar position as our author of the original post. I have successfully completed several courses, earned a few certificates and consider myself above rookie but certainly below expert. So my next step on this path I am on unsure footing.. Do I go $17 grand into debt by taking the LambdaSchool web dev course to learn coding or can i get by with just learning python? I ultimately want to become a Security Engineer/Security Auditor/red team/blue team kinda of thing for a large business or bank. I know I need to be able to automate scripts but I can do that with python. But if I do the LamdaSchool i get the certificate. If i learn python on coursera I also get a certificate its just a lot cheaper.. I need to collect more data to make an informed decision. I really find myself with little interest in learning web development. it will take 6 months at 8 hours a day for lamdaschool. Im currently spending 8 hours a day on my education but im focusing primarily on just the security aspects i.e network topology, host/client firewalls, you know, the fundamentals. BUT i know I need to learn programming language. Am I going to regret spending 6 months in LambdaSchool learning web dev when my ultimate goal is to pass the CEH masterclass and all that entails? Sorry for the length of my question.
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