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  1. looking into it, serial control over lora would work, low data rate and low power consumption, however it is not encrypted. major downside.
  2. the control would be through the lora mesh
  3. the hardware i have been using is two esp 12F modules, two raspberry pi 3B+ boards the hard part is making the control mechanism. in theory i would want a raspberry pi zero w using internal wifi for monitoring and collecting information and being battery powered it could even just display the time and pass off as decoration for backpack or have it display name. when the main unit comes online the raspberry pi zero will dump all pcap files it collected in automatons mode to the main unit for proccessing and switch to managed mode where the main unit could run tool wifite over the rpi zero wireless interface, pi zero 1 could be sent into deauth mode, pi zero 2 could be monitoring, pi zero 3 is injecting packets, base 1 is cracking pcap, base station 2 is proccessing info collected by nodes.
  4. https://pwnagotchi.ai/ https://nootropicdesign.com/projectlab/2018/10/20/lora-mesh-networking/
  5. I have been trying to create a proof of concept using the raspberry pi zero w like the pwnagatchi project, with a local hotspot for local control consisting of the esp wifi module, a long distance link using the lora radio to securely upload pcap file to a raspberry pi 4 base station where it could be cracked using any table
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