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    Thank you very much for the quick info it did make a difference . Rufus did copy the .usb image
  2. Nightwolf


    Well as I really want to try this OS out but the setup to a USB is a real pain and the DOC's dont help also my Linux CLI is not good but Im pushing ahead , anyway the file extension for the downloaded image is a .usb and the trouble is Im not finding a good way to wtrite this to a USB stick any help would be most appreciated, Thank you.
  3. Hello ! well Im 53 and I like to play with Linux and windows 10 among others lol! I know right . Im a human-being . I like to tinker with hardware. I like to install OS's mainly the setup of formatting and the getting them to boot up in different configurations Trying to learn the command in Linux ( bash ) i was on DOS in the late 80's and Luved it but life got in the way. And being the Cavalier that I am I left that behind and jumped head long in to life , but now there's ARCH ! ha HA! Any-who thats all folks, remember 42=The Ultimate Question of Life , the Universe, and Everything .
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