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  1. Update ... today I connected my PineApple Nano as well. Its connected but the same issue when I click on Terminal.
  2. Hi ... sorry ... typo ... yes 80,22,443 and 2022 are open inbound to the C2 system. I update to 2.1.1 today and find still the same issue.
  3. Hi port 8022 TCP is open inbound to the ubuntu system running C2.That cant the the issue ...
  4. Hi all, first of great work ! I installed Hak5 Cloud C2 2.1.0 - Community Edition on a Ubuntu 18.04 running on MS Azure following this guide below. So far so good everything worked fine. 🙂 I connected right away my Packet Squirrel (Version 3.2) successfully. The device is shown as online. When I click on "Terminal" followed by a click in "Start SSH Connection" this happens and I cant get it work! C2 issue.mp4 Does anyone of you has an idea ?!? I am lost ...
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