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  1. To you a must MY BELOVED History I just started helping people out there most dont know anything about what they do just abuse constantly, I've helped everyone my brain thinks eletronics more then software but understand them both accurately ill try fail look at everyones mistakes and go back and accomplish my goal. Once thought of myself as a ghostbuster of the computer world for many years it just felt as i was removing demon code from Windows which eventually brought me over to linux backtrack5 homage for the deceased. Favorite game: frontier first encounters andyj and ittiz mod. Favorite console: Hacked Favorite Phone : Psp phone (ROOTED) Favorite OS: Kali, I had to break it hundreds of times to fix it once. Started with backtrack 5 in early 2007. Got my start with that blue xp acer netbook everybody came to love. Nationality: NewAmericaCitizen Sex: Dolphin (as of late 2019) Age: The top (on my way down now) Height: Average Status: Alive barely Build: 2.0 My greatest version yet. Favorite band: 2.4ghz Favorite book: Open Without a cover Jonathan Livingston Seagull Book by Richard Bach. Favorite movie: Aristocats (Cartoon) Favorite TV Show: Rugrats (Cartoon) Studies:html5, css3, javascript, linux fundamentals, Mastering linux, fortran, Cisco CCNA (outdated) but been keeping up with technologies. hobbies: fail fixing things that are not broken and changing the world one computer at a time through trial error knowledge Truth & understanding. first attempt in learning. CREDIT@JIGGYVISUALS Car: does not help the situation Occupation: Freethinker To Death I Part. NOTHING EVER CHANGES IT JUST REARRANGES AND STAYS THE SAME _-+-_ -/Two(+-_-+)Nine\- /mbdm\ (! vnnv !) d---b ps. I see back about 11 yrs in fourm remebre things change in computers every 3-6 months and networking tech 5-10 yrs its been along time people hak5 has to change this is the way of the world 5g is almost here as of 11/15/2019 tonight and wifi 6 is here also everything needs to update and people need to get back to studying so the community does not stop and die. Im leaving to go learn more. laterz fam
  2. Command and Conquer the first Decade every game in the pack is beyond believeable.
  3. Opera hands down for the browser. Ive been using it since the crackberry. they are like minded ppl in my opinon they have steadly updated in line with my ideals also extensions and developer options that dont suddenly dissappear or corrupt like firefox/esr. Opera is great on kali but ofcourse dont use any browser or OS without shields up and photon blasters ready.
  4. i used to spend early morning to late night with breaks to get tea and beside serving.i would sit with a bag of trees testing testing testing day and night computers illuminate the entire room. i was a servant and had all the time in the world. Books actually helped my eyes and body / hospital bed with up/down controls at feet and head by printing thousands of pages via printer through ebook formats reading in bed and applying ideas on paper and transfering the final test to the screen in the end. im still alive but many others drank and smoked them selfs to death in front of the screen. honestly it was a godsend that life changed but i learned alot through the years. I mean they taught me in school and did they think it was going to stop there. they made us and we made them.
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