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  1. Hello Everyone.. My name is James. Gender: Male Favorite OS: Windows - for now 😂 Favorite Console: None 😭 Status : Single Favorite Movie: Harry Potter 😀 Nationality: Nigerian 🇳🇬 / Africa Favorite Actor(s) : Tyler Perry, Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson ✌ Hobbies: Reading, Music, Programming (Web), Eating 🍮. Occupation: Student 🤔 More like a Drop-Out - couldn't pay my fees 😭 I Love Computers, Programming, Hacking... I really wanna learn HACKING
  2. Hello guys... Am new here. I love PCs, Tech, Programming and HACKING 😁. So i stumbled on this forum today. I registered. I just need a kina Little Guide as to what I can get from this Forum. I'd consider myself a NEWBIE in HACKING Thanks Guys
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