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  1. Thanks Darren All I did was choose DENY to let every client join and it worked. Iain
  2. Thanks @afraIT Works - thank you very much. Iain
  3. Hi There I havethe Nano connected to the internet and the "Free Wifi" setup and it shows on my list of Networks both on my iPhone and iPad. However, when I to to connect, I get the same error - Unable to join the network "Free Wifi" Any ideas ? Without this working, I cannot get any clients. Iain
  4. I managed to get my Nano just in time for Xmas, but am having issues getting it connected back to the HAK5 servers to ensure that is working properly per the videos - its keeps failing even though everything has been setup the youtube instructions. I have updated the drivers - everything I could think of. Obviously I am missing something. I have attached some screenshots for reference. Any help would be appreciated. Regards Iain
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